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Weight Loss Success Stories

You've read how our weight loss program works.
Here's living proof that it works.

I lost 34 pounds! I feel younger, and better than that, healthier!

Search some of our successful before and after weight loss stories!

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Susan before weight loss

Name: Susan
Lost 34 pounds*

Susan after weight loss
“I now know how to eat properly and control my bad eating habits.”
John lost
75 pounds*
“It’s been a healthy influence on my family. I’ve found my confidence, now I’m living a happier and healthier lifestyle.”
Jennifer lost
60 pounds
& 6 sizes
“I joined Herbal Magic and started putting myself first. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.”
Crystal lost
38 pounds
& 10 sizes
“I now feel healthier and more energized!”
Leslie lost
30 pounds
& 4 sizes
“I lost the weight .and the inches and .I learned to live healthy.”
Tracy lost
47 pounds
& 10 sizes
“I’m now able to keep up with my son. Herbal Magic changed my life!”
Kevin lost
64 pounds*
“Herbal Magic gave me an energy boost, self-confidence and made me feel good about myself”
Diane lost
58 pounds
& 9 sizes
“The Herbal Magic program was easier than I thought!”
Melissa lost
76 pounds
& 12 sizes
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