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Weight Loss Recipes

Herbal Magic has healthy recipes for weight loss success.

Craving apple pie or lasagna? If you think you can't eat those foods and still lose weight, think again. With Herbal Magic's recipes, you don't have to sacrifice good taste to lose weight.

View all healthy recipes.

It's all about making the right choices, and changing the way you look at food. Our weight loss program will show you just how easy that can be. With tips from your Personal Coach, our great cookbooks and the recipes below, you'll learn to see the food you eat in a whole different light.

And you don't have to be a professional chef, either. Our simple recipes make it easy for your weight loss goals to become a reality. Try your hand at beef stroganoff, garlic shrimp, or our tasty couscous recipe.

You can even indulge in a delicious snack like cheesy potato balls, or a piece of chocolate cake. You won't believe the foods you can eat while you continue to lose weight.

Each of our healthy snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes have been optimized for weight loss and kitchen-tested. Your loved ones will never know they are eating healthy foods designed to help you lose weight. Your secret is safe with us!

For even more delicious, healthy recipes for weight loss success, pick up one of our amazing Herbal Magic recipe books at the Herbal Magic weight loss centre nearest you. Start losing weight and eating well today.

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For more easy, delicious weight loss recipes, pick up one of our Herbal Magic recipe books, available at all Herbal Magic weight loss centres.

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