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Herbal Magic's Weight Loss System is Specially Designed for Weight Loss that Lasts a Lifetime.

Herbal Magic's weight loss program is designed to help you change your body and the way you look at food. At Herbal Magic, you won't drink strange concoctions, buy pre-packaged meals or follow a crazy diet. Our revolutionary weight loss program helps real people lose weight and keep it off - for life.

By following our customized weight loss plans you will lose an average of two pounds per week. This weight loss strategy is designed to ensure that the weight you lose is maintained successfully, as studies show is most effective for long-term success.

How do We Help You Lose the Weight?
It’s All About Our 3 Pillars:

In addition, our Weight Loss, Stabilization and Maintenance phases lead you on your journey without rebound weight gain.

Reboot Your Body with Advansa™, an Integral Part of Our Common Sense Weight Loss System

Kick start your digestion, detoxify your body, and meet your weight loss goals sooner with Advansa™ - a revolutionary weight loss system from Herbal Magic.

Did you know that if you adopt a diet that remains largely unchanged from day to day you could actually sabotage your weight loss? It's called habituation, and research shows that it can lead to poor food choices and, ultimately, weight gain.

Enter Advansa. Advansa works with your Herbal Magic weight loss plan to help you change things up so that you can meet your weight loss goals faster. The Advansa system's Cleanse and Detox weeks help clients achieve better weight loss results by modifying their natural products and eating plans to reduce habituation. It's like a reboot for your body.

During the Cleanse stage, it's all about your digestive tract. You'll flush those intestines clean by upping the fiber in your diet along with the help of our specially formulated Advansa supplements. And for the Detox portion of Advansa, say goodbye to those evil toxins. You'll boost your antioxidant intake via diet and natural supplements to support the most important detoxification organ: your liver.

At each Advansa stage, a new natural product is introduced along with lifestyle suggestions, a specialized Herbal Magic food guide, recipes, and menu plans - all designed to prevent boredom, enhance metabolism, and optimize weight loss results.

It's time to change your life. Let Herbal Magic show you how to lose weight and keep it off.

Guaranteed Weight Loss or Your Money Back

Once you resolve to lose weight and change your life, you will have the support and expertise of the Herbal Magic team behind you. There will be no stopping you in your weight loss efforts. You will reach your goal weight in the timeframe you define with your personal health coach. Guaranteed.

Our guaranteed weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely. This means that you will lose weight at an average rate of two pounds per week. People decide to lose weight for all sorts of reasons, but the one constant when it comes to weight loss is you. When you resolve to lose weight and change your life for the better, there is simply no stopping you. With the support, expertise and encouragement of the Herbal Magic team, you will succeed.

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