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You can do it. We can Help. Let Your Herbal Magic Weight Loss Journey Begin Today.

Our Program

We have effective weight loss programs for women (including breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy), men and youth. As well, our Scientific Advisory Team has designed programs that are safe and effective for insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics and clients who have cardiovascular disease. Before starting our program, we conduct an in-depth consultation with you to ensure that your health concerns, medical conditions, and current medications are considered and accommodated.

By following our customized weight loss plans you will lose an average of two pounds per week. This weight loss strategy is designed to ensure that the weight you lose is maintained successfully. Studies indicate that long-term focused programs ensure results which are successfully maintained.

Herbal Magic's weight loss program is designed to help you change your body and the way you look at food. At Herbal Magic, you won't drink strange concoctions, buy pre-packaged meals or follow a crazy diet. Our revolutionary weight loss program helps real people lose weight and keep it off - for life.

Our program is based on our 3 pillars:

The Herbal Magic weight loss centre nearest you is where it all begins. We'll conduct an in-depth consultation and address any health concerns, medical conditions, and current medications before we get you on your weight loss path.

A Phased Approach

Unlike other weight loss programs, we know that once you lose weight you can be vulnerable to the dreaded rebound weight gain. That's why Herbal Magic's weight loss system takes you through our Weight Loss, Stabilization and Maintenance phases, so you can continue on the new path you've forged without gaining the weight back.

Weight Loss Phase
In this phase, the emphasis is on modestly reducing calories, allowing you to lose weight safely and consistently, while meeting your body's basic nutritional needs. You will also shift your habits from eating what you want, when you want it, to planning and recording your well-balanced, healthy meals in a food diary to stay on track. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, showed that those who kept food diaries lost twice as much weight as those who didn't.

Stabilization Phase
Unlike other commercial or do-it-yourself programs, the Herbal Magic weight loss system doesn't leave you hanging once you have reached your goal weight. Our philosophy is to make sure that you keep your new, healthy weight for life. Our stabilization phase lasts six weeks. During that time, we gradually increase your caloric intake in preparation for the final phase - maintenance.

Maintenance Phase
Research has proven that individuals who lost weight by following a weight loss program that included a maintenance phase were more successful at maintaining their goal weight than those who did not follow a maintenance program. And, unfortunately, individuals who did not follow a maintenance program actually experienced rebound weight gain. The length of this phase will vary based on the amount of weight you lose in the weight loss phase.

Our Money Back Guarantee

Once you resolve to lose weight and change your life, you will have the support and expertise of the Herbal Magic team behind you. There will be no stopping you in your weight loss efforts. You will reach your goal weight in the timeframe you define with your personal health coach. Guaranteed.

Our guaranteed weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely. This means that you will lose weight at an average rate of two pounds per week. People decide to lose weight for all sorts of reasons, but the one constant when it comes to weight loss is you. When you resolve to lose weight and change your life for the better, there is simply no stopping you. With the support, expertise and encouragement of the Herbal Magic team, you will succeed.

Herbal Magic at Work: Corporate Wellness

Let us help you bring weight loss to your workplace. Like the growing list of our Corporate Wellness partners, you'll be left with a healthier, more productive work force and significant savings. Click here to read about how corporate weight loss programs can actually help increase your bottom line.

When you partner with us, your employees can lose weight for less. Our Corporate Wellness program is tailored to meet the specific weight loss needs of your organization. With personalized marketing efforts including: staff meet and greets and monthly newsletters so your employees can reap the benefits of our guaranteed weight loss program.

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Why Herbal Magic?
Here are just a few reasons why we are the ultimate corporate wellness partner:

We are the largest weight loss company in Canada, with some 300 centres located across the country. Since 1996, we have helped more than 500,000 Canadians achieve their weight loss goals


We have dedicated staff to make the process easy for your organization. From initial presentations to employee sign-ups, we take care of everything.

Common Sense Weight Loss.The Herbal Magic weight loss program is based on real food, one-on-one Personal Health Coaching, and Natural Health Products. Herbal Magic is a lifestyle change, not a diet. We teach our clients how to make healthy food choices for life.

To provide your employees with a trusted and scientifically-proven weight loss program that can help reduce long-term health care costs.

Corporate Wellness

Join our growing list of Corporate Partners. You're in good company!

To provide your employees with a trusted and scientifically proven program that can help to reduce long-term health care costs, email our Corporate Wellness Department at

Switch and Save

Unhappy with the results of your current weight loss program? We'll give you free Personal Health Coaching if you switch to Herbal Magic from one of our competitors' weight loss programs.

We know our weight loss program works. And we know why. Clients achieve weight loss success at Herbal Magic because we are different. We help you change your lifestyle - minus the gimmicks.

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