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Journal Entries
Happy Bunny Day!
The Ice is Where I Love to Be!
My Ankles!
Enjoy All Your Hard Work!
Spring is Coming!
Starting to Look Like an Athlete!
Great To Be Out There Again!
Stay Focused and Positive
Take Time for You!
Merry Christmas!
You Can Do It!
Try Skating!
You Deserve This!
'Tis the Season!
Thank You!
Back to Busy!
I'm Back!
Off to St. John's
Stay Positive!
Busy, Busy Week
Setting Goals
An Amazing Family!
Surviving The Heat
Beautiful Long Weekend
Gardening, Yoga, Bikinis!
Golf, Golf, Golf!
Ready for spring!
Spring Cleaning
A Busy Week!
I'm Back!
I'm off to the Olympics!
Preparing for takeoff!
Adopted girl of Calgary
Little Miss Travel
I Hit My Goal!!
Toning Up
Memory of a Lifetime
Tips and Tricks
Planning for the Holidays
Inspirational Clients
I'm Always on the Go Now!
I'm on Top of the World!!
No Rest in Vegas!
Three Bikinis!!!
Holiday Success!
Concentrating on ME!!!
A Short Skirt and Hot Boots!
Can't Stop Smiling!
Cleaning Out
We Can Do This Together!
I Get To Shop!!!
Keep The Motivation Coming!
A Crazy, Inspirational Week
The Commercial
I hit the 20 lb mark!
Here's to all our great coaches!
My Inches Are Falling Off!
Already halfway to my goal(s)
My Herbal Magic BBQ
My shoes are too big??
Mud golf!
MMM chicken burgers!
Unintended benefits!
Not so bad!
Starting the program - mixed emotions

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Happy Easter, everyone! Hope the long weekend was great for everyone. Wow talk about great weather. We couldn't even think about a hot oven running in such beautiful weather. My in-laws were in town so we decided to do casual for the day.

After church we came home played games and had a good ol’ BBQ!! And wow, I love wearing summer clothes at EASTER!!

Hope everyone watched their eating and remember the Easter Bunny has great bath/spa products instead of chocolate eggs!!


All is good with me. I hope everyone is doing great! I have been taking a much-needed break the last couple of weeks. I’ve been keeping busy around the house, doing a lot of gardening, which I love. And the golf clubs have come out! I’m so excited to be golfing again, even if I may not be the greatest at the game. I’ve only had a chance to play a par 3 course but I’ve been at the driving range a few times. I’ve been thinking about taking some lessons to help improve.

A big thing happening here at my house is PLAYOFFS!!! I can’t get enough of hockey. I went to the Ottawa Senators game the other night and WOW! Playoffs are amazing to see in person!

That’s it for now, I’m off to yoga!


It’s officially spring and I’m very excited! I’m ready to start getting outside more and eating lighter. I’ve had a house full of company, as well as a lot events at my house. I’m a little tired but it’s fun to have family around. Between cooking and laundry it’s been crazy. I love having the BBQ fired up. I’ve been making a lot of chicken kabobs. I just went out and bought a great basket to cook veggies on the grill. I’ve gotten my husband to do sliced potatoes without the salt and butter. Gotta watch that sodium intake!

Golf, golf, golf!

GOLF, GOLF, GOLF! I’m in heaven! My game is actually getting better and what a great way to make all the walking fun! Brent and I have been hitting the courses and we have found one course that takes almost 5 hours to play 18 holes, so can you imagine the yardage and all the walking. I can’t believe how sore I am, but feel great!

I’m also right into my gardening which shows me muscles I didn’t know I had ‘til I wake up hardly able to move! It’s a great way to burn calories. Lets get planting!

Gardening, Yoga, Bikinis!

Happy Summer everyone! At least that’s what it’s been feeling like here in Ottawa. I’m so excited with the new season and I find myself getting into the spirit. I changed my entire backyard to a sitting area. I have a gazebo and patio furniture and I did all my gardens with new flowers. Talk about getting exercise, gardening is hard work! You don’t realize how hard you’re working until you do a lot of it and feel it the next day!

I’ve also been doing yoga classes. It’s so nice to walk outside afterwards into nice weather. Bikini season is coming so stick to your program and listen to your Personal Health Coach. I know you can accomplish your goal of feeling great this summer!

Beautiful long weekend

WOW, what a beautiful long weekend! I hope you were all able to stay on program the best you could. My weekend was different, to say the least. My husband went to away for a guys’ weekend so this gave me an opportunity to paint again! I completed two more rooms in my house and kept busy so I stuck to my eating plan and didn't have any party urges. So not only do I have two more beautiful rooms completed, I feel great!

Long weekends can be difficult and have many temptations but we just need to stay strong! If you had a difficult time this past weekend, trust yourself that you can get back on track and still succeed! Maybe do an extra walk over the next couple of days to help. It will not only help burn but it will make you feel more energized!

Surviving the heat

Hey everyone! Are all you Ontarians surviving the heat? Remember, keep drinking water. Not only is it an essential part of weight loss but it will help with dehydration in this heat. Here in Ottawa, we've been in the 30's!! I’m having a little trouble with swelling from the heat but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s normal and not to get frustrated. I’ve been busy with things all week and oh by the way, the newly painted rooms look awesome!

An amazing family!

What an amazing week! I was in Toronto for the Herbal Magic conference and it was such a treat to see everyone! I remember last year I didn’t know anyone but now it’s like a family. That’s a great part of Herbal Magic, you become part of an amazing family who are supportive and full of love! It’s an important key to success with weight loss - feeling the positivity and the support. This past year I had an opportunity to visit so many centres in so many cities so it was so wonderful to see all the friends I made along the way. I feel inspired all over again and it’s motivated even more to me to keep it up!

I have a facebook fan page, click here to check it out!
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