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Spring Cleaning
A Busy Week!
I'm Back!
I'm off to the Olympics!
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Adopted girl of Calgary
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Adopted girl of Calgary

Last week I made a joke about being Miss Travel and I'm still away!! It’s going on three weeks now and I'm sitting here wondering, “when will I get home?”

Just kidding! I’m having the time of my life! I'm in Calgary right now, celebrating the Olympic Torch and telling everyone how incredible it was to be in the Calgary Olympics. I’m really looking forward to Vancouver!

It’s funny how I am the adopted girl of Calgary. It’s really like home to me even if I don't live here.

Preparing for takeoff!

It’s been a wonderful week. I’ve actually been home!!! It’s amazing how much has to be done when I get home after travelling so much. This week, my plans are to do a lot of cooking. I need to stock up the freezer for my husband since I’ll be gone to the Olympics for an entire month. I’m scouring the pages of my Herbal Magic recipe books this evening!

Packing is my biggest problem. How do I get on a plane with a month of luggage? I called my hotel in Vancouver and found out that I will have a kitchenette! What a huge help. I was a little concerned at first how I was going to manage my healthy eating but now I can stock up on fruit and veggies and eggs for my protein. My suitcase will be making music through the airport with the sounds of all my Herbal Magic natural products packed in there.

I hope everyone is getting through the winter blues. I must admit, it hasn’t been too bad. I’m still managing my walks and I’ve even started some running. I’m going to try to run every day while I’m in Vancouver. Use the Olympics as your inspiration to get out there and be active. I hate to tell you, but summer is around the corner. We all want to look great in our shorts, right?

I’m off to the Olympics!

Only two days ‘til I leave for the Olympics!!! I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get there! Today while visiting Sandi (my awesome Personal Health Coach) I stocked up on my Natural Products for an entire month!! I’m so excited and really looking forward to being out there. I have a great plan for workouts each day. I’m going to take advantage of the nice weather and Stanley Park to get some nice jogs in.

I had an amazing time on Canada AM this week and would you believe I was cooking? I made my Mom’s succotash recipe. It’s easy and tastes delicious!! I also had an opportunity to talk about my new outlook on eating and healthy lifestyle. Even though I love talking about skating, it was fun to talk about something else, and ever since I lost 28 pounds, I love talking about healthy eating.

Well that’s all for now. I hope you’ll all be watching the Olympics! Let them inspire you!!


Hey everyone! One week down here at the Olympics and I’m having the time of my life! I hope you have all had a chance to see me; I feel like a million dollars thanks to Herbal Magic! It has been a dream come true for me to work in television and to have the confidence that Herbal Magic has given me. It’s made this a gold medal win for me!

Let the games inspire each and every one of you. The word of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games is "BELIEVE" which we can all do in our journey to successful weight loss and healthy living. So each day, tell yourself that you believe in your success and you too will be a champion!

I’m Back!

I'm back! The Olympics were incredible!!! It was so amazing and such an honour to be part of it. Since I've been home I've been on a real media tour about “Own The Podium” since our athletes did so well.

I love being back, sleeping in my own bed and cooking my own food again. It wasn't as easy as I thought in Vancouver with eating and exercising. I was incredibly busy but I'm back and getting on track! It’s amazing how you can feel so out of whack when you travel and how you don't realize how much you can miss your own stove and fridge loaded with healthy food. The key is to recognize bad habits, break them, then get right back on track!

A busy week!

It’s been a real busy week! First I went to Peterborough and had a chance to meet some of the Herbal Magic family, what a fun time!! Then we participated in the St Patrick’s Day Parade, it was a blast! Along with my husband Brent, we drove the Herbal Magic SUV with me sticking out of the sunroof, waving at all the people lining up on the streets. There were Herbal Magic staff members handing out tons of swag and info on Herbal Magic. It was a fun time and an awesome success!

Returning home, I went crazy with painting. It’s something I’ve wanted to do with my house for three years but never had the energy. I know, everyone is asking, do I ever stop? Nope, not with all this new energy I have with my healthy lifestyle. It just motivates me to do more! The only problem is though I did our powder room in a marble, Mexican clay effect and when I’m in there I feel like eating nachos and having a margarita, hahaha. Just kidding! That’s not on program! I can’t believe how much exercise painting can be. I’m so sore!

Spring cleaning

This is ‘finish off spring cleaning’ week. I’m so excited for the warm weather and once again I did a huge clothes clean out!! I thought I threw away a lot last year but I’m finding some clothes that I seemed to have stored away, maybe with that just in case feeling? No way! They are gone now!! Never will I turn back to my old eating habits and not taking care of myself. I feel so wonderful and as I look ahead to summer I can’t wait for sun dresses and shorts, which have been missing in my life for a few years.

I also did a fridge and pantry clean out! Try it! It’s amazing what you can find in there. Let’s look ahead together with the intentions of light, fresh food for the summer. And don’t forget the grill! It’s a great way to start challenging yourself with great protein ideas and mixed veggies.

So everyone, it’s time to start cleaning out: closets, fridges and pantries. You will be amazed how it motivates you!

Ready for spring!

Well it’s been wonderful to have some real time at home. Being back from the Olympics has given me the time to get ready for the spring and spend quality time with family.

I've painted the rooms in the house I wanted to do, redecorated two bedrooms and did enough laundry to last me a lifetime. I'm starting to make a new workout plan for my spring as well as planning my meals. It’s nice to not have to think about restaurants for awhile so I'm going to start trying new recipes from the Herbal Magic cookbook. I will keep you all up to date on my new favourites !

I have a facebook fan page, click here to check it out!
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