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Journal Entries
Happy Bunny Day!
The Ice is Where I Love to Be!
My Ankles!
Enjoy All Your Hard Work!
Spring is Coming!
Starting to Look Like an Athlete!
Great To Be Out There Again!
Stay Focused and Positive
Take Time for You!
Merry Christmas!
You Can Do It!
Try Skating!
You Deserve This!
'Tis the Season!
Thank You!
Back to Busy!
I'm Back!
Off to St. John's
Stay Positive!
Busy, Busy Week
Setting Goals
An Amazing Family!
Surviving The Heat
Beautiful Long Weekend
Gardening, Yoga, Bikinis!
Golf, Golf, Golf!
Ready for spring!
Spring Cleaning
A Busy Week!
I'm Back!
I'm off to the Olympics!
Preparing for takeoff!
Adopted girl of Calgary
Little Miss Travel
I Hit My Goal!!
Toning Up
Memory of a Lifetime
Tips and Tricks
Planning for the Holidays
Inspirational Clients
I'm Always on the Go Now!
I'm on Top of the World!!
No Rest in Vegas!
Three Bikinis!!!
Holiday Success!
Concentrating on ME!!!
A Short Skirt and Hot Boots!
Can't Stop Smiling!
Cleaning Out
We Can Do This Together!
I Get To Shop!!!
Keep The Motivation Coming!
A Crazy, Inspirational Week
The Commercial
I hit the 20 lb mark!
Here's to all our great coaches!
My Inches Are Falling Off!
Already halfway to my goal(s)
My Herbal Magic BBQ
My shoes are too big??
Mud golf!
MMM chicken burgers!
Unintended benefits!
Not so bad!
Starting the program - mixed emotions

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Can’t stop smiling!

Have you ever felt so amazing you can’t stop smiling??? That’s how I felt this week. I had the honour of attending Canada’s Walk of Fame Gala with Steve Hudson and Fraser Clarke, along with my husband Brent. It was such an exciting event and wearing my size 4 gown made me feel like a princess. I remember coming home after the event plunking down on my chair and just smiling. Brent said, "what are you smiling about?” I said, "I feel amazing, healthy and the happiest I have felt in years. Thank you Herbal Magic!" Thank you not only for giving me my health and my body back but for giving me those moments where I can reflect and just smile.

To top off the week, Ovarian Cancer Canada raised 2.3 Million with the Walk of Hope!!! I’m proud and honoured to have helped in this great venture. The day was magical. Herbal Magic came out with fervor and walked every step with me for the cause. I love you all! The support in the memory of my mom means the world to me. Every day you help me through this time in my life and I thank you everyone for your incredible support and coming out to share the day with me. On another note though we need to work on the food supplied at their picnic next year!! Hahaha!

A short skirt and hot boots!

WOW!!! What a week!!! Back to my crazy life, I’m pretty much living in Toronto now!! Brent keeps saying it’s getting to a point where I might need an apartment in Toronto because my home in Ottawa is a hotel now, hahaha!

Local TV here in Ottawa did a one hour special with me. It was so great talking about how Herbal Magic has given me my life back. I also spoke this week with 165 school kids from around Canada about the Olympics. Then I was off to Niagara Falls for a speaking event. I was also the guest speaker at the Alzheimer’s Gala at the Four Seasons in Toronto.

I feel like I’m bragging all the time, but to have so many people compliment my new look/body is amazing! It keeps me motivated and excited. The reason I like sharing this with everyone is to help inspire and motivate each and every one of you!!! It’s worth it!!

While in Toronto, I hit Bloor Street for a walk and guess what...I came home with some HOT boots and a skirt!!! I can’t believe I’m actually wearing a short skirt and hot boots! This is such a turning point for me in my confidence and for me emotionally. My husband is loving the new woman that comes home now!! All in all he says I’m FUN!!! I think the word "sexy” was in there too!

Concentrating on ME!!!

Well it’s been a week of actually being home and concentrating on ME!!! With my life, it’s hard to do that sometimes, haha. I’m feeling great and I took time to be with my dad this week and get some good exercising in. It’s so amazing, when you feel great, you want to tone up!!! I’ve been taking long walks and It’s a great time to spend with Brent and plan our food and days for the next week. I made the Herbal Magic chicken jambalaya and made enough for a couple of days. I was glad because it was awesome!!

I’ve also been making the chicken pineapple salad at lunches with a pita. It’s refreshing as we see summer fading away so quickly. All is good, I’m still feeling wonderful. Hope everyone is sticking with it because this feeling is worth it, everyone!!! I’m loving clothes again!! I also recently cut my hair and everyone seems to really like it. New body, new hair!!! My lifestyle change is so exciting!!!

Holiday success!

Hi everyone...did you have a great Thanksgiving? I kept my eating completely normal. In the past, I would starve myself all day knowing I was having a turkey dinner but I’ve learned to do things a better way. I got up, had breakfast and went to church. Instead of driving home from church, I walked and got some good exercise in for the day. I then ate my normal lunch and when the big family dinner happened I wasn’t so hungry and gorging that I over ate. I had program servings and for my dessert, instead of pumpkin pie and ice cream, I ate the Herbal Magic banana bread I had made in advance and had that with a cup of tea. RESULT… I lost a pound!!! I’m sooo excited. So I have proven that the holidays don’t have to hurt our healthy ways or our weights.

I hope everyone had success over this great holiday!!! Keep it up. Christmas is only around the corner, so remember to teach yourself a better way for the upcoming season!!!

Three bikinis!!!

GUESS WHAT!!! I’m on my way to my first vacation in two years and I actually have three bikinis packed!!!! I’ve planned this trip for awhile, with the dream of wearing a bikini and it’s happened. Too bad I’ve got the good ol’ Canadian white skin to match it, hahaha. I’m off and excited! I’m going to Las Vegas with Brent for my choreographer’s 50th birthday surprise and wow will he be surprised to see how I look. David, my choreographer, spent years with me battling my weight and he’s often wondered how I’m looking after these years. I am going to be so proud to walk off that plane and see his reaction. He might even want me in a show again!!

I always feel like I’m bragging but I have to tell everyone…it feels so great to feel great!!! I’m healthy, happy, wearing bikinis again, and inspired with life again. THANK YOU HERBAL MAGIC!!! You have given me a whole new beginning again and my health back!!

No rest in VEGAS!!!

Well I’m back from Vegas. I thought I would rest but noooo, you never rest in VEGAS!!!! I had a wonderful trip and I got to see some old friends. It was my choreographer’s 50th birthday and when I walked into the party he said, "WOW! Where was this body all the years we worked together?!?!" What a great compliment! I also had a producer ask me if I was skating because I was so in shape. I said if he wanted me to, I could be!!! Maybe he will be calling me for something and it could be my coming out with my new Herbal Magic body!!!!

All is great and though Vegas is fun, I’m glad to be home. I’m off this week to visit my Herbal Magic families in the Niagara Region and I’m looking forward to it. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. A happy, sugar-free Halloween!!!

I’m on top of the world!

My last few days have been amazing!!! I’ve been really busy visiting centres in the Niagara Region (Niagara Falls, St Catharines and Grimsby) as well as Manitoba (Winnipeg and Brandon). Not only have I been busy with travel but we have been getting a great deal of media; I love telling the Herbal Magic family message. I’m proud to be everyone’s spokesperson and I can’t get this smile off my face when I talk PROGRAM!!! It’s given me life back, my health back and it’s given me LIZ back! I’m on top of the world and so happy!!!

Spending all these amazing days at centres has inspired me and pumped me up to keep it going. I still have a lot of work to do on my journey but meeting all the great clients these days has helped me to push on.

By the way, I did have a slight bump in the road gaining a pound after vacation. But guess what…I lost in body fat!!! It’s a victory for me that I can go on vacation, have a great time, understand my eating and not come home my usual 5 lb gain!! Sandi, my coach, was so proud of me. She says with all my travelling and vacation, staying on track shows that I’m committed.

SUPPORT!!! It’s the recipe. Someone to help me understand how to do it while still enjoying life. I love you Sandi!!!

I’m always on the go now!

I can’t believe I’ve been home for almost a week!! I’m so excited and relieved to be able to do some cooking for myself and get caught up with home life. My poor poodles, Holly and Sienna (well Holly is spoiled rotten so we call her HOLLYWOOD now), don’t understand this new, energetic mom!! They were getting used me laying on the couch: lazy, sad and just wanting to spend time with them. Well that sure has changed, unfortunately for them. I’m always on the go now, with all this energy and motivation to improve my life and I’m loving it!!

I could never have imagined getting healthy again would improve so many areas of my life. It’s a whole new Liz and I’m ready to keep pushing on!! Let’s do it together, everyone!!

I have a facebook fan page, click here to check it out!
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