Compare Herbal Magic weight loss programs to Dr. Bernstein, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig
and see how we set you up for long term success!

The Refine Program - For Men and Women

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How does Herbal Magic measure up against other major programs?

It's easy to see how Herbal Magic can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. With Herbal Magic you will lose weight and keep it off for good. We guarantee it or your money back!
Real Food
Learn about healthy food choices while shopping at your grocery store.
Personal Health Coaching
One-on-one support providing motivation and encouragement.
Natural Health Products
Products designed by pharmacological and naturopathic experts.
Lifestyle Consideration
Portion control without the use of prepackaged meals or counting points and calories.
Overcome Plateaus
Products and support to help push through weight loss plateaus.
Free Consultation
Call and get a no-obligation consultation!

Why choose Herbal Magic?

Personal Coaching - Natural Health Products - Real Food Losing weight shouldn't make you feel deprived, be subject to injections or group weigh-ins, or require you to purchase pre-packaged foods. Healthy weight loss is about changing your lifestyle in a realistic way that will allow you lose weight, then keep it off, for good!

Herbal Magic's nutritional and health experts have designed a comprehensive system to help you lose weight. Real Food, a Personal Health Coach and Natural Health Products - it's common sense and it works!

We have programs for women, men and youth. As well, our Scientific Advisory Team has designed programs that are safe and effective for insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics and clients who have cardiovascular disease.

We have a program for everyone! Learn More

Herbal Magic teaches long term success!

Many weight loss programs focus only on weight loss, they don't teach you how to stabilize or maintain your weight once you've reached your goal. Herbal Magic is different than other weight loss programs - we provide a three-phased approach to long term success, with heavy emphasis on keeping the weight off - for good.

Weight Loss - Stabilization - Maintenance

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