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Herbal Magic Weight Loss Plan

Our common sense approach to lasting weight loss.

At Herbal Magic, our nutritional and health experts have designed a comprehensive weight loss plan to help you lose weight. Our Personal Health Coaches will support you along the way. They will help you develop habits to maintain your ideal weight for the long term. Real food, a Personal Health Coach and natural health products - it’s common sense and it works!

Here's how our weight loss plan works:

We believe in real food.

Our weight loss programs focus on reducing calories by eating healthy meals consisting of choices from all food groups – vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy, and carbs. We teach you how to develop sensible eating habits and plan great-tasting meals for the whole family. And for those occasional nights you’re not at home, we offer a handy dining out guide.

We provide personal coaching and support.

Our programs are designed to suit your individual needs. You’ll meet privately with your personal coach at each visit to monitor your progress, review your meal plan and food journal, and provide solutions to overcome any weight loss challenges that may occur. Your coach will offer encouragement and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you stay on the path to success – and maintain that success once you get there!

We use natural products.

Our line of natural health products helps you maintain lean body mass. This means you’ll enjoy a toned, healthy appearance, and a more efficient metabolism. Our specially designed formulations help control appetite and suppress cravings. They also inhibit the body’s ability to store calories as fat, and they help maintain energy and vitality. We carry a comprehensive line of vitamins, minerals, and specific wellness products formulated by leading pharmacological manufacturing companies, naturopathic doctors, and pharmacists. We also have a Scientific Advisory Team that thoroughly researches and formulates all of our natural health products and weight loss programs.

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